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Resources for counsellors

And High School Teachers 

Looking for information for your students? Everything you need to help them with their university journey is here.

Think your students should speak to someone from VIU? If they haven’t applied to VIU yet they can connect with a recruiter or visit the Future Student page.

If they have applied to VIU, Educational Advisors can help them discover, plan and work toward their goals. Indigenous students can connect with Services for Aboriginal Students Advising.

VIU requirements myth busters

Myth: You can’t get into VIU with Apprentice and Workplace (A&W) math

Busted: A&W math is A-OK! Apprentice and Workplace Math satisfies VIU’s general admission requirements. Students do not need Foundations of Math 11 or Pre Calculus 11 to enter the Bachelor of Arts, Exploratory or Unclassified programs.

Myth: You can’t get into VIU with an Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood)

Busted: An adult dogwood (with a minimum “C” grade in ENGL 12) meets the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts or Exploratory programs. A student may not meet certain program or course prerequisites due to the limited number of d courses required for an adult dogwood.

If a student earns a “C-“ in ENGL 12 and is over the age of 19, they can apply to our Unclassified program. They will likely need to upgrade their ENGL 12 eventually. In the Unclassified program they can take any classes that the meet the course prerequisites for.

Students can upgrade their high school marks at the same time as taking university classes. This does require 2 applications:  a (free) application to VIU’s Adult Basic Education (ABE/ACP) and an application to their university program of choice on Education Planner BC.

Tools for teachers and counsellors

You’ll find some of our student sites helpful in your classes.

If you are looking for something to use in career classes, check out Ready, Set, Go – Student Self-Serve Orientation site.

VIU’s Learning Matters: Learning Beyond the Classroom offers tips, tutorials, and templates on Resumes, Cover Letters, Job interview skills, and Work-integrated Learning.

Accessibility Services encourages Case managers, counsellors, and student support teachers to email and book a consult to discuss options and transitional plans for up to 4-5 students at once. Accessability Services at VIU also encourage student’s Case Managers to attend the first meeting with them and the student if possible. If students experience exam anxiety please have them complete an intake form and book a consult with the Access Specialist who’s focus is mental health.

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