Sending your child off to university is exciting and can be a little scary. It helps to know your child is in a caring environment with dedicated, award-winning faculty. At VIU we foster inclusion and provide all the supports your child might need to succeed in their studies.

What to expect at VIU


When your child lives in student housing they’ll find friendly and supportive study communities. And the staff plan lots of fun activities. If your child needs guidance or support, they can connect with a Community Leader.

VIU prioritizes space in student housing for first-year students. Apply by May 1 to qualify for priority. 

We provide support in helping your child find off-campus housing as well.

Food options

There are lots of options for healthy and affordable food at VIU. Your child can dine at two cafeterias on campus with convenient and flexible choices. Meal plan options are available. The Nanaimo campus has a Starbucks, a Subway and a Student Pub.

The Grocery Shuttle is a free bus service to the supermarket twice per week for students living in student housing.

Student supports

VIU offers a variety of services to help your child as they explore their career and educational goals.

Educational Advising

If your child has a documented disability they can get support and accommodations through Accessibility Services.

Learning Matters is dedicated to student success

Other Services

Student Affairs

You can find more resources for students at Student Affairs.

Info sessions for parents

When it comes to university, your child looks to you for guidance. Join us for a parent info session so you have the resources and knowledge you need to support and empower your child in their decision. See the VIU Events for upcoming parents sessions.