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Dear Family Letter

Dear Family,

Today I leave for VIU beginning a new journey in education. During my university years, I am going to learn a lot -- the value of money, how to make decisions, how to think for myself, but most importantly, I will discover who I am. During this time, you and I will not always see eye to eye, but we’ll get through it together. Now let me warn you, sometimes, I will forget to call home. You may not hear from me for days, maybe weeks, but don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m just learning to manage all the new aspects of my life, but I promise to call as soon as I get a chance. When I do call, please don’t ask me questions only about school. I know I’m here to earn a degree, but there are so many things outside of the classroom that I can share with you. Many times when I call, I will ask for money or complain. Do not take all of my complaints to heart. Sometimes I just need to talk through issues and most likely my problems are not as serious as I make them out to be.

Realize I will change. Change is part of the growing process, and unlike growing up at home, you will not see me gradually change, but I know you’ll notice that I’m different. Please respect my choices; the ones you like and the ones you do not like. Understand that although you will not agree with each of my decisions or with some of my choices, I need you to stand by me. Don’t worry; I’m going to be fine. If you don’t approve of certain choices I make, let me know, but please still treat me like a young adult. There will be times when I will fail and lose my way, and you will be there to help me out, but sometimes, let me learn to pick myself up and find my way again.

Give me advice when I ask for it. Give me advice when I don’t ask for it. Guide me in the right direction, but don’t choose my direction for me. Listen to me. Help me to learn to listen to others, especially you. Begin to treat me as an adult, by helping me to learn to be more responsible by giving me more responsibility. The road on which I am about to embark will be rocky at times. But, with your guidance, I am confident that I will travel it successfully. Thank you for helping me to be the best person I can be. I am growing up fast, but I will always be your child.

Your Student

P.S. Don’t end family traditions or the holiday celebrations. Any mail will be appreciated, especially around holidays and during midterms and finals.