RockVIU for international students

This day of welcome for international students will give you the tools to have a successful first year at Vancouver Island University (VIU) and beyond.

Connect with your peers, get comfortable on campus and learn about the VIU community. Meet other international students from around the world and learn about VIU services, academic and immigration information, health and safety and upcoming orientation programming with events.

All incoming international students in undergraduate and graduate programs at VIU are invited and expected to attend RockVIU: International Student Orientation. This includes students transitioning from English as a second language (ESL) studies in Canada, and exchange and study abroad students.

If you are starting ESL studies at VIU, you are invited to the ESL Student Orientation

This event is for first-year international students only (no guests or family). 

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International Student Orientation details

Thursday, January 4 | 8:30 am to 4:15 pm
Building 310 Malaspina Theater

Find the Malaspina Theatre on the campus map

These are the topics we'll cover throughout the day. Watch your email for information on how to register. 


Join us as we share important information, get to know a little about you and update you on how to navigate the full orientation program. It's a great way to get your first year off to a good start.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe

Important information regarding VIU policies and procedures regarding safety and student conduct. Also, an opportunity to explore how your own health and well-being supports your success as a student.

Off-Campus Housing & Budgeting

VIU Off-Campus Housing provides information and support before, during and at the end of renting accommodation. We can help with planning rental and general living budgets, finding housing and roommates and dealing with common disputes. We can also connect you with numerous other services to support your off-campus living needs.

Cultural Connections and Campus Life

Learn about cultural, social, and recreational events and activities offered through the International Education department. This includes a local hike series, Saturday road trips, live music events, weekly on-campus cultural gatherings and more.

Guard Me & Medical Insurance

Hosted by Guard me ambassadors and advisors. This info session provides essential knowledge about your medical coverage at VIU. You'll also learn basic information about the medical system in BC.

Academic Success in First Year

The session will focus on academic regulations that are sensitive, time dependent and require action. We'll discuss support services, tools and how to find this information. It's also an opportunity to meet other students and listen to their questions and concerns.

Study Permit Conditions and Working in Canada

This session will explain your study permit conditions and your opportunities to work on or off campus while you study at VIU. We will explore full-time versus part-time enrollment at VIU. We we'll cover how to maintain your international student status in Canada. We will discuss the importance of building a strong, competitive immigration portfolio during your studies.

RockVIU Campus Adventures

Get to know your way around VIU. Campus Adventures are interactive tours of the campus led by students. You must register for Campus Adventures. Watch your email for registration details. 

More helpful information

This webinar will cover everything from how to prepare to travel to VIU to what to expect after you arrive. 

Topics covered

  •  what documents to prepare for travel
  • VIU documentation
  •  instructions for course registration
  •  housing
  • travel
  • local Nanaimo linformation
  • Canadian regulations
  • sneak peek of orientation events
  • life on campus
  • how to get connected and have fun.

View the webinar on Facebook. You don't need a Facebook account to watch the webinar. 

All students welcome

You are invited to take part in the RockVIU events for all students. 

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