Matter Here

Art Exhibition: You Matter Here

This work is an interactive art piece that provides an opportunity for viewers to physically engage with and feel connected to VIU through self-representation.

Students were asked to interact with the work by submitting photos that they valued, which would then be added to the art wall. The images showcase the various things that matter to students – from people to places, to things and experiences, to pets and nature and everything else in between.

This wall and collection of photos and text becomes a place to participate in the act of “mattering” – to be acknowledged for individual values and to be given opportunity for representation. It also becomes a place to celebrate and represent the VIU community and that which matters to each of us individually. By choosing to engage with the work, you allow the art to achieve its purpose: to acknowledge and showcase what is important to students is important to VIU.

If you want to add your own photo to the wall, ask a ROCKVIU artist or volunteer about printing what matters to you!



Kashmir Lesnick-Petrovicz

Kashmir Lesnick-Petrovicz

Bachelor of Arts Student, 4th Year