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Welcome to Vancouver Island University's counsellor page. At VIU we understand that you play an important role in your students future education and want to ensure you have all of the tools to help your students navigate their journey to VIU. Here you will find resources that are for yourself and your students. 


This year we are bringing our viewbook to prospective students in a whole new way, virtually! Explore VIU's Virtual Viewbook to learn all about what we have to offer!

Areas of Study

Here you can view our program calendar pages, broken down by area of study. These pages have detailed information such as admission requirements, programs fees, program outlines and start dates. 

We are happy to provide counsellors and prospective students resources to help them navigate their journey to VIU. 

Services and Resources we can offer: 

  • Virtual Student Meetings
  • Virtual Class Presentations 
  • Virtual Application Sessions 
  • Print Resources

To request resources email us at connect@viu.ca 

Where to get more information?

If you have any questions, you want to learn more about VIU, or are in need of any resources please email connect@viu.ca or call 250.740.6672

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