If you have questions, we have answers

Parents: Top 10 Tips

1. Know what services are available on campus that might help me out.

2. Write to me: send me emails and texts – even if I don’t get back to you right away.

3. Ask me questions, but I hope you’ll understand that I might not have all the answers.

4. Don’t forget to come visit me – every once and a while.

5. Water what you want to grow; learn with me.

6. Be there but don’t fight my battles for me.

7. Be prepared for me to change; this stuff is kind-of a big deal.

8. Money Matters: help me in learning how to manage my money.

9. Expect University Culture Shock – again, this stuff is kind of a big deal.

10. Encourage me to go talk to my professors; they all have office hours that are open specifically for me to 
go see them.