Of Lights and Dreams

Art Exhibition: Of Lights and Dreams

To matter at VIU not only means to feel like you are a part of the larger community, but it’s also about discovering what exactly that means to you. In many ways, it is about discovering your voice, your passions, your hopes, and dreams.

Of Lights and Dreams offers an opportunity for students to begin by making their unique voices heard while also becoming a part of something larger: the VIU community.

This interactive sculpture asks the viewer to complete the work by engaging with it through written reflection, responding to the question “What do you dream of accomplishing in your life?” The hope is that the question will encourage students to reflect on their future at VIU and what they hope to achieve, while also connecting with others through voicing their dreams.

Write your own reflection and hang it up on the tree, and then read what others had to say about their own hopes and dreams.



Kashmir Lesnick-Petrovicz

Kashmir Lesnick-Petrovicz

Bachelor of Arts Student, 4th Year



Michela Medina

Bachelor of Education Student, 3rd Year