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Transitioning to University

Resources for Students Transitioning from High School into University

1. Before you apply

Tips: Create a secure hard copy or virtual University file to save all of the different usernames and passwords for the various sites you will need to access on a regular basis (Student Transcript Service and Education Planner BC)

If you identify as an Aboriginal student, make sure to check out Services for Aboriginal Students at VIU. If the program you are applying to offers the Access Initiative for Aboriginal Students make sure to fill out the Access Initiative for Aboriginal Students form (located in the Admission Requirements tab of select programs.

If you are a former Youth-in-Care make sure to see if you are eligible for the Tuition Waiver Program at VIU.

2. When you're ready to apply 

Tip: You may want to consider a second application (before March 31) as a back up plan if you have applied to a Limited Entry Program. Read the VIU Limited Entry Program Advising post for details or contact an Educational Advisor

3. After you've applied

  • Visit the Ready, Set, Go page and navigate using the Menu option on the right to learn about registering for classes, preparing your scholarship profile, planning your finances and more!
  • Go through this Checklist for New Students

Tip: Schedule some time to complete the modules available on Ready, Set, Go: Important Information for New Students

Pro Tip for Career Life Connections Teachers: If each of the the Ready, Set, Go: Important Information for New Students bullets/topic areas were to be reviewed in a workshop/high school class setting it is estimated that it would take the time of 1 class per topic/bullet point to review with students. Also, VIU’s Learning Matters: Learning Beyond the Classroom offers tips, tutorials, and templates on Resumes, Cover Letters, Job interview skills, and Work-integrated Learning.