Buildings nestled into a hillside under a blue sky.

Science and Technology open house

Science and technology departments are all open 10 am to 12 pm. If you stop by on the hour or half hour (10, 10:30, etc) you can take part in scheduled activities.

Win prizes

Each Science and Technology zone will be giving out stamps. Collect four stamps for a chance to spin the Stochastic Axial Rotation Prize Generator for a prize. The prize generator is outside the Museum at the corner of building 370. 

Learn about programs

Join Dr.Tim Green an internationally recognized expert in aquaculture for a laboratory tour of science and technology laboratories, and to learn a bit about the amazing research taking place at VIU.
Location: Building 380, Room 103

Find out what Computer Science programs are all about! 20-minute activities, plus drop-in to explore displays, meet and greet students and faculty, and interact with student clubs.
Location: Building 315, Room 115

Come see the inner working of VIU's chemistry labs and try out fun chemistry activities.
Location: Building210, Fourth Floor

Find out all about "Games, Puzzles and Hidden Math" or tackle "Unsolved Problems: Win Fame and $1,000,000" in VIU's Math Department!
Location: Building360, Room 323 & 324

Check out cool museum specimens and other fun biology stuff. Think you know your stuff…. try our biology quiz!
Location: Building 370, Room 218

Visit interactive stations where you can learn about what we do in Earth Science (Geology), Forestry, Geography, Resource Management and Protection, and Engineering. Influence landscapes by building roads, dams and river deltas in our stream table to control water flow and stream erosion. Take a museum tour and learn to identify wildlife in the 'Wildlife Sights, Sounds and Signs' activity. Check out rock, mineral and fossil specimens on display. Generate 3D images using stereoscopes and aerial photos... and much more!
Location: stairs between Buildings 370 and 315

Science and Technology locations

Map showing many locations