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Kayaking with Outdoor Rec

At VIU we talk about enhancing student learning through involvement in a variety of activities, from undergraduate research projects and education abroad to participating in academic clubs, intramurals, or volunteering as one of our fabulous student ambassadors. Each new experience provides the opportunity to apply learning, meet new people and enrich the time spent while studying.

  • Join One Students participating in at least one extracurricular activity enjoy a more fulfilling university experience. From clubs to student union events, and athletics to leadership programs, there is something for everyone.
  • Students get free gym membership!  Check out the endless opportunities for athletics, recreation and fun at Campus Rec.
  • For exciting opportunities to learn and study overseas, see Education Abroad.
  • If your student is interested in alternating periods of full-time study with periods of full-time paid employment see VIU’s Co-operative Education programs.
  • Find information about programs offering internships at the Campus Career Centre, (e.g. Anthropology and MBA).  Internships overseas are also available.
  • Looking for an on-campus job? There are many opportunities to work on-campus as part of the VIU work-op program in settings that contribute positively to student learning. For more info, check out https://services.viu.ca/career-services/campus-employment.


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