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Top 10 Things to Do Before You Get Here

  1. Sign up for RockVIU: Welcome 2 Campus happening at the end of August on our Nanaimo Campus! 

  2. Access Ready, Set, Go - Launchpad for Success - don't miss anything by using this tool!

  3. Get Connected join the Vancouver Island University New Students Facebook group

  4. Make friends with V.I. Abbie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you're in the loop!

  5. Join a Summer Warm-up Session to get warmed up to VIU before you get started!

  6. Learn about and set a budget with these Financial Aid resources

  7. Memorize your student number 

  8. Check out the Student Guide to Getting Started with VIU Technology

  9. Figure out if you need to opt out of the Health and Dental Plan at the Students’ Union

  10. Learn how to do laundry and how to cook!