February 27 - March 1st, 2018

Session Descriptions

Session Title
Session Description

Aboriginal University Bridging Program

Session Time: 12:30 - 1

The Aboriginal Bridging Program for students needing upgrading & provides tutoring, mentoring & community support.  You can take a combination of upgrading courses and university courses to meet program entry pre-reqs. Come and meet Janet Sinclair, the Aboriginal Student Transition Advisor

ABT - Legal, Accounting, and Administrative Professionals

Session Time: 11:30 - 12

This is an opportunity to find out with the ABT program has to offer in training you to work as an administrative professional in today's office environment.  Please come and learn about the various certificates we offer and test your keyboarding skills while taking out zombies!

Anthropology at VIU: Exploring what it means to be human

Session Time: 12:30 - 1

Journey through time as we trace our origins back 7 million years. Explore our collection of fossil human casts, examine a chimp and human skeleton. Become an archaeologist and explore the past via stone tools, pottery, bones and fabric. Emerge into the present to explore the cultural diversity, from food, dress, ethnicity, that exists in our world

Bachelor of Interior Design

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

The Interior Design Program is for those who wish to pursue a professional career in a creative multi-faceted discipline.
Find your niche in creating healthy, safe environments that support people's physical, psycholgical and social needs.

Backstage Tour

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

A brief look behinds the scenes of one of the most hands-on theatre programs in the province.  Malaspina Theatre has been producing technicians and actors for over 40 years and our graduates have found work all over the world.  We will take you backstage as the department prepares for the opening night of "Into The Woods"

Beats, Jazz & Life

Session Time: 12:30 - 1:30

Our session will open with a performance of the percussion trio piece, Trio Per Uno, by Nebojsa Zivkovic. Trio Per Uno is a powerfully moving and exciting composition that features three drummers all playing on one large drum simultaneously, with carefully coordinated movements. Following this we will hold a group rhythm jam, dividing students into groups to help us perform a clapping song with strong West African influences. We will close our session with a performance by one of our stellar jazz bands paying tribute to the great John Coltrane.

Beyond the Headlines: The Political Studies Experience at VIU

Session Time: 1 - 1:30

Go beyond the headlines and the divisive partisanship of the age of social media by learning about politics through simulations, local and international experiences, debate, and the discussion of timeless ideas about power, democracy, and justice.

Biology @ VIU

Session Time: 11 - 12

Interested in ecological research, medical or veterinary school? Explore options for studying Biology at VIU and learn about potential career choices involving genomics, microbiology, ecology, conservation biology and more.

Chemistry @ VIU

Session Times: 12:30 - 1 and 1 - 1:30

Join the chemistry department to explore the intersection of art and science in a technique that uses chemical properties to decorate paper. You’ll also have time to explore opportunities in chemistry, our program, and meet our faculty.

Chinese Language and Culture - Calligraphy and so much more.

Session Time: 11:30 - 12

Experience Chinese culture and calligraphy, hear from current students about their  experience with Chinese, and, get general information about the program and planning tips for  studying Modern Language @ VIU.

Code this!

Session Time: 11 - 12

Never programmed before, and curious?  Or are you an old hand at crafting code?  Whatever your level, we’ll show you how to write a dynamic program, debug it, and run it.   This is a hands-on session in the lab where you do the coding.

Criminology at VIU: An exploration of crime and justice

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

Crime is fascinating. Come learn more about VIU’s innovative Criminology program where we have hands-on opportunities to learn about crime and criminal justice. VIU is home to a strong program filled with learning that opens doors to many career opportunities. Curious to know more? Please join us!

Degrees to Dollars – From VIU Students to Outstanding Professionals

Session Time: 9:30 - 10:30

Interested in learning about what life is like at Vancouver Island University? Bring your questions and ask current students and VIU graduates about their experiences of being a VIU student, career development and the real-life experience of entering the workforce. What does a typical day look like? What kind of jobs can I get with a VIU degree? Is there work experience? You ask the questions and we'll answer them for you!

Dental Programs: Dental Assistant Certificate and Dental Hygiene Diploma

Session Time: 9:30 - 10:30

Come see what VIU has to offer for students interested in this health profession. Session will showcase both Dental Assistant and Dental Hygiene and will include a tour of the onsite dental clinic.

Discover Earth Science, rocks and minerals

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

Did you know the Earth is over 4.5 BILLION YEARS OLD?!?  Over this period of time the Earth’s crust has been recycled over and over again.  Mountains have been built to great heights then eroded flat.  Oceans have opened and closed.  Life has evolved from single cells to complex organisms. Earth Science studies involve developing an understanding of how the interaction of all of Earth’s processes are working to build and shape our world, our impact on these processes and their impact on us.  Studying the Earth and these interactions helps us understand important processes such as climate change, monitor and predict earthquakes, determine safe places to build our houses and schools, and much more. Come and visit us in the Earth Science Department to learn about this exciting field.  Examine rock samples and fossils collected from our own Vancouver Island.  Following this exhibit, you’ll never look at the rocks under your feet the same again!

Discover the Business Programs at VIU 

Session Time: 9:30 - 10:30

Join the Faculty of Management in a fun, interactive session to explore the world of business and Business Programs at VIU.   Come prepared to learn and to have fun!

Discover the Deep Bay Marine Field Station

Session Times: 10:30 - 11, 11:30 - 12 and 12:30 - 1

Discover what VIU's Deep Bay Marine Field Station has to offer! We will start with a short presentation, followed by a visit to a marine invertebrate touch tank, where you can get up close and personal with some of the more common animals we've collected just outside the station!

Discover the diverse field of Child and Youth Care!

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

A diploma or degree in Child and Youth Care prepares you to work with children, youth, families and your community in a variety of settings.  Graduates find work in schools, youth justice, recreation based programs, mental health and substance use services, child protection and more!  Join us to find out more about our programs and how you can make a difference in the lives of children and youth.

Do you want to change the world?: Urban Geography and Community Planning

Session Time: 11 - 11:30

Discover paths of learning that will take you out of the classroom and into the world. Are you curious about building cities and communities? Do you want to be an active, empowered contributor to the world? Discover what Geography and Community Planning have to offer.Yes, you can change the world!

Explore Campus!

Session Time: 9:30 - 10:30, 10:30 - 11:30 and 12:30 - 1:30

Navigate the beautiful Nanaimo campus with a current Student Ambassador and see all that it has to offer. Did you know that there is a traditional totem inside the Library? Did you know that there are a number of gardens here on campus for students to enjoy? Do you know what an average classroom at VIU looks like? Come explore with us!

Exploring Fisheries and Aquaculture

Session Times: 10:30 - 11 and 1 - 1:30

The faculty of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Program at VIU invites you to visit our hatchery and facilities for rainbow trout and white sturgeon to obtain a glimpse into the activity atop "Malaspina Mountain". We will share with you the basics of the curriculum of Fisheries and Aquaculture and what makes our program so unique to Canada.

Exploring the Trades - Session 1

Session Time: 9:30 - 11:30

Take a tour of five different trades and technology programs, including demonstrations of our new simulation training equipment. During the session you will have 20 minutes of hands-on interaction in the following programs: Carpentry, Electrical, Heavy Mechanical Trades, Heavy Equipment Operator and Welding.

Exploring the Trades - Session 2

Session Time: 12:30 - 1:30

Take a tour of three different trades and technology programs.  During the session you will have 15 minutes of hands-on interaction in the following programs: Automotive Service Technology, Motorcycle & Marine Technician and Power Engineering.

Faculty of Social Sciences Open House:  BA's, BSc's and more

Session Time: 11 - 12

Curious about Anthropology, Criminology, Geography, Global Studies, Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Political Studies, Psychology, or Sociology?  Come to the Faculty of Social Sciences Open House!  Our professors & students will let you know about opportunities with us for self-discovery, career prep, student research, studying abroad, & more.

For Current and Future International Students

Session Time: 12:30 - 1

Study permits? working? choosing classes? pathways? scholarships? This openhouse-style session will have advisors, current international students at VIU and SNACKS, all to help you transition from being an international student in high school to university. Come with your questions and your friends.

Foundations for Success

Session Time: 12:30 - 1

Interested in becoming a more effective student?
In the Foundations courses, the focus is on a mix of content and the learning process; how to learn the material is as significant as the material itself. There are 6 different courses to help students becoming successful students

From Classroom to Employment - Health and Human Services Certificate Programs

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

Explore the details and opportunities of the following certificate programs, all less than a year in duration:

Animal Care Aide;
Community Mental Worker;
Hospital Unit Coordinator;
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician;
Medical Office Assistant.

Go Where Google Can't Go with VIU Library

Session Time: 9:30 - 10:30

Most people think all you need to find info online is Google. But there's more!

Join us for a tour and activity session of VIU Library to see parts of the internet that you can only get at if you were a student here. We'll also show you advanced ways to search Google. Check out one of the most visited buildings on the VIU campus!


Session Time: 11 - 12

Join us for a fun, interactive session with VIU's Hairdressing and Esthetics programs. Students and faculty will guide you through a tour of the facility and you will have the opportunity to experience a taste of what the programs offer by trying an easy "hands on" task.

History on the Front Lines: The Canadian Letters and Images Project

Session Time: 12:30 - 1

VIU's Canadian Letters and Images Project (CLIP), is the largest on-line archive of the Canadian war experience in existence. Meet CLIP Director, Dr. Stephen Davies, and VIU students who work on the project, and check out how they document the stories of  those who fought in conflicts such as WW I and WW II.

Hospitality Management Careers, here and abroad: study, work, travel.

Session Time: 1 - 1:30

Hospitality Management students study and work in Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, and Conference and Event centres here and around the world.  They learn by doing in our industry labs and simulations, and in paid Cooperative Education Work experiences.  Some travel to other countries to study for a semester with one of our partner universities.
Come check it out.  You'll like what you see.

How should one live?

Session Time: 9:30 - 10:30

What does it mean to love wisdom? What if wisdom isn't knowing tons of information, but instead knowing the limites of one's knowledge? Could this way of knowing be a way of living? How should we live? Do we have a responsibility to expose ignorance in others, even when it is dangerous for us to do so? Do we have a responsibility to turn the scalpel of critical thinking on our own souls? At the trial at which he was sentenced, the ancient Greek Philosopher Sokrates asked such questions. In Liberal Studies and Philosophy, we continue to ask them.

Interested in growing?

Session Time: 11:30 - 12

VIU provides diverse skills and knowledge to grow food, gardens, forests, medicinal plants, greenhouse crops and more. Come meet the VIU horticulture faculty and students to learn about what horticulture has to offer. Play the What’s Bugging You game to discover how beneficial insects are working in our greenhouses.

Knives and Fire!

Session Time: 9:30 - 11:30

Impress your friends with professional knife techniques, decorating skills and get fed while you're at it. Julienne some jicama salad for your homemade taco then decorate a cookie for dessert. Tour our kitchens and learn how to become a chef and baker.
Lunch 12 - 12:30 Come join us for lunch - OUR TREAT! Don't forget to stop in on the Student Affairs activity area for your chance to win the grand prize. All you have to do is participate!

Mash-Up T-Shirt Screenprinting Workshop

Session Time: 11:30 - 12

Love screen printing? Join visual art instructor Gregory Ball and VIU printmaking students in a hands-on workshop that combines imagery and words on T-shirts. You can choose a favorite colour(s) and learn how to print using a screen and squeegee. Once printed, you can keep your shirt. We will print till we drop... or until we run out of shirts and ink!

Media Matters!

Session Time: 11 - 12

Want an idea of what we do in the Department of Media Studies? Come and be inspired by students in the program who will show and discuss exciting possibilities, showcasing samples of class projects along the way.

Play and Possibilities in Early Childhood Education

Session Time: 11:30 - 12

This session will be an opportunity to do some hands-on activities while learning all about the Early Childhood Education and Care program at VIU.

Recreation and Tourism--Building Vibrant Communities

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

This session will be an opportunity to learn about the field of Recreation and Sport, and Tourism, and how these key players support the wellbeing of residents and communities. Engaging activities will be provided to share what these industries are all about!

Shq'apthut - A Gathering Place and Supports for Aboriginal Students

Session Time: 11 - 12

Come down and meet Aboriginal Education Advisors, Indigenous Navigators, an Elder, and learn about the great supports for Aboriginal Students on campus. Have an informal discussion about university life and programs offered at VIU in our beautiful Gathering Place. This is a great time to get your questions answered.

Social Serve Diploma and Bachelor of Social Work

Session Times: 9:30 - 10:30, 11 - 12 and 12:30 - 1:30

Social work is a profession that works with individuals, groups and communities in different settings and dealing with different social issues including community development, mental health, addictions, health care, child welfare, corrections, older adults, youth, international practice, social justice, policy and research and many more!

Student Affairs Information and Activity Fair

Session Time: 11 - 1

Join Student Affairs in the cafeteria and learn about what supports are available to students: Advising, Counselling, Athletics and Recreation and much more. Don't forget to particiapte in the activities for your chance to win prizes! (No registration needed)

Study & Travel: Education Abroad - Where your learning takes flight!

Sessdion Time: 12:30 - 1

Come connect with VIU students and hear their stories of how they embarked on semesters abroad and had the opportunity of a lifetime to study towards their VIU degrees while exploring in another country and culture!  If you have the travel bug, or if you're debating about studying or travelling after high school, this session is for you.

Teaching & Education: A World of Possibilities for you to Explore!

Session Time: 11:30 - 12

Come and explore the many opportunities available in the field of teaching. Find out how teacher education at VIU can support you in becoming a collaborative and inquiry based educator. Learn more about overseas teaching; enhancing student learning through the use of technology, and creating personalized learning environments - be the teacher you dreamed of having!  Entry details will also be provided.

The Skeleton Inside

Session Times: 10:30 - 11, 11 - 11:30, 12 - 1 and 1 - 1:30

Join Dr. Andrew Krause  and I in the SHAPE Anatomy Lab as we explore the wonders of the human body. Using REAL human skeletons along with muscle, joint and organ models, we will uncover some of the amazing anatomy inside every one of us.

VIU Amazing Race

Session Time: 9:30 - 10:30

Come out and challenge yourself!  The Athletics and Rec team will send you on a race around the VIU campus while competing in a series of challenges. Test your problem solving skills, speed, endurance, teamwork and sheer competitive drive- who will be the 2018 Amazing Race Champions? (Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a warm jacket).

What is Graphic Design, anyway?

Session Time: 11 - 11:30

Graphic design is communication. Designers communicate, through ads and websites and logos, book covers and magazines, posters and brochures, presentations and ebooks, apps for your phone or your tablet and more. Pretty much everything you see every day gets designed. The Graphic Design Program at VIU will teach you how to make a career out of your creativity.

What Next? Stories & Words

Session Time: 10:30 - 11

An opportunity to meet one of our Creative Writing and Journalism instructors, Sonnet L'Abbé (poetry), Susan Juby (fiction),  or Joy Gugeler (publishing),  and experience  some of what happens in a creative writing class here at VIU.

Words Are Worlds: Literature and Writing

Session Time: 1 - 1:30

The study of literature is the study of culture itself: stories and myths, values and ideals, dreams and aspirations.  We invite you to participate in this interactive lecture as we explore how language and literature shape our lives and ourselves.

Workplace Essentials Skills & Training

Session Time: 1 - 1:30

Do you have learning challenges?  Are you looking at gaining some essential workplace skills and training OR do you need support transitioning into post-secondary education? Come and explore the WEST Program.   You will have an opportunity to ask questions and talk to faculty and students who are currently enrolled in the program.

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